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My droid was originally constructed here in Los Angeles to serve the needs of my humble little studio. Unfortunately for me he shows up late for work - lumbers around the office and cracks discomforting jokes about enslaving mankind - but I like my lazy droid and think he's pretty cool - so I made him my company mascot!  Of course, he wants royalties now...sheesh.

Lazy Droid was founded by Paul B. Frieling to serve as a creative hub for conceptual animation work and pitch material, all while offering assistance in client project needs. Ranging from creative direction, animation, design, conceptual art, motion graphics, through directorial services. Tackling everything from short films, game cinematics, design, commercials, music videos, animated series and feature film concepts.


I can do it all.....despite the lazy droid...from Los Ang-eles. 


If you have a scheduling inquiry for creative services or wish to chat about an upcoming project need, please contact us at:

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